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Apron conveyor manufacturer

Design of heavy-duty apron conveyor for various uses

Sherbrooke OEM apron conveyors are entirely designed and manufactured in-house. The various parts are carefully selected to ensure the best possible use in different applications. Our apron conveyors are known for their durability and low maintenance. They are used in a multitude of applications, including feeding conveyors for construction, renovation and demolition (CRD) residues, household waste, selective collection (blue bin), the scrap metal industry, and more.

The "Z" shape of the steel plates ensures stiffness and offers a fairly airtight seal, limiting material spillage and warping over time. Steel plates are available in different thicknesses, based on the application.

The same applies for the drive chains: double or triple, the wheels and links will be sized based on safety ensuring prolonged use without special maintenance. Parts are all laser cut for the highest precision and for perfect assembly. The machining of shafts and wheels is performed by our experienced machinists to meet our high quality standards.
  Apron conveyors are available in different configurations: horizontal, inclined section, "S" shape, etc. The required traction system will be specifically selected for your application (based on the required tonnage and density of the material to be handled).

Different optional components may be added to apron conveyors: heavy-duty feeding hoppers, automatic chain oilers, motors with automatic brakes to avoid the chain from going backwards, etc. Each conveyor is custom designed for your application.

Sherbrooke OEM is proud to be an apron conveyor manufacturer and supplier for the recycling industry

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