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Concern for the environment and preserving our natural resources requires innovative and sustainable solutions. A leader in the design, manufacturing, and installation of customized recycling equipment, Sherbrooke OEM ltd. provides a wide range of specialized and customized equipment, turnkey projects and consultation services for the recycling industry. Sherbrooke OEM ltd. has developed a new generation of recycling facilities, more flexible and able to adapt to market needs. Our expertise, the production capacity of our systems, our flexibility to adjust to an ever-changing market, and our dedication to customer service is what sets us apart from the competition.

With a strong background in environmental matters, Alain Brasseur and Bryan Sinram created the company in 1997 to develop their own technologies and produce their innovations. Growing demand for recycling equipment for the private and public sectors led the company to develop expertise in the design of automated and flexible turnkey recycling plants. Sherbrooke OEM Ltd. has several conveniently located facilities in the Sherbrooke region totalling 75,000 sq. ft.


Sherbrooke OEM Ltd. designs and manufactures every piece of equipment and part on site. We assume every aspect of the project: from technology to manufacturing, transportation and installation of your system. Plus, our clients are involved in each and every phase - from the initial bid, to obtaining permits, to system start-ups. We not only provide on-site training during a plant's start-up, but also make recommendations to increase operational productivity. Our goal is to surpass your expectations.

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