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Bag splitter  now available in North America

Around the world, Bag Openers are working in the first phase of many recycling operations. These bag openers not only ri or split the b ags, but also empty and meter the content onto a conveyor. Materials are spearated and prepared for downstream sorting and picking processes without being shredded into smaller pieces. Bag Splitters  also act as bale breakers or metering devices.

A conveyor on the bottom of the bunker moves the  materials in the direction of the ripper head where bagged and light materials are forced into a series of retractable ripper tines.  The ripper head (rotor) holding the tines is rotating in the opposite direction to the flow of material and is adjusted to provide sufficient  space below the rotor to allow the smaller, heavier and flatter materials to be dragged along the conveyor and under the rotor without compromise.  However, most of the bagged material and plastic film is caught by the retractable tines which in turn lift the material up to the top of the rotor and into the ripper comb.  The comb acts as a tearing device which pulls the plastic bags apart and as the tines pass between the comb elements the contents are freed and dropped onto the belt on the downstream side of the rotor. Here they are combined with the materials that have passed under the rotor untouched. The hydraulic comb lifter above the rotor is constructed in sections to allow passage of dense and stiffer materials that cannot be ripped open. The distance between the ripper comb elements and the ripping tines is measured in such a way that the bags are pulled through a constriction. In this manner the bags are opened but the materials inside are not compressed or shredded. Oversized, bulky materials such as lawn chairs, pails stuck into each other, styrofoam parts, unwieldy packaging or similar items are reduced to a manageable size. The tines in the rotor retract once they pass through the ripper comb at the top of the cycle to release any plastic material that may have become attached before another extended cycle begins at the lowest point of rotation and just  above the bunker conveyor floor. 

Our automatic bag splitter is one of the best you can find in the recycle industry. Interested by our automatic bag splitters?

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