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Fiber Screen


Our OCC (old corrugated cardboard) sorters are largely used to treat materials from selective collections (blue bin or "single stream") and different types of fibre waste. These extract cardboard from the containers and fibres from materials. They are also used to clean fibres from the cardboard or vice-versa. OCC sorters make it possible to mechanically remove the cardboard instead of manually. A quality control of the cardboard removed also ensures the quality of the finished product.

The design of our OCC screens enhances the correct sorting of cardboard pieces. Each section of OCC sorter can be doubled or tripled, one after the other, based on the treatment capacity required.

OCC sorting is mechanical thanks to inclined drive shafts and rubber triangles that "stir"


and separate the cardboard from the rest of the material. The size and material of the triangles mounted on the drive shafts depend mainly on your application.

Our OCC screens are also equipped with safety guards for moving parts and meet basic OSHA standards.

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