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Coastal Waste invests to improve mixed waste processing
June 15th 2021
Since first beginning operations in early 2018, Pompano Beach, Florida-based Coastal Waste and Recycling has been making significant investments in... >

Charleston County said it spent $30M on recycling center
April 15th 2021
When Charleston County cut the ribbon on its new $30 million recycling center last year, members of the County Council hailed it as a generational... >

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Sherbrooke OEM specializes in the plastic recycling, scrap metal recycling and more... He design, manufacture, and integration of recycling and custom equipment. With experience in various sectors, such as wood, pulp and paper, mines and quarries, waste management, and waste sorting technology and recycling centers, we have all the expertise to meet our customers' needs. Proven work methods and the latest manufacturing technology allow us to supply robust and precise equipment for all types of work environments.


Sherbrooke OEM fulfills mandates in retail and design engineering, operational analyses for recycling plants, detailed design of handling and conditioning equipment, electrical design (instruments and controls) for plants and integrated systems, plant equipment installations, start-up assistance, etc. Throughout our mandates, Sherbrooke OEM involves its clients in each step to validate key concepts.

Customer satisfaction is a priority at Sherbrooke OEM. Clients' involvement throughout the process means they can participate in the accomplishment of their project and better understand the various steps in implementation.