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Our star-shaped screens (also called "Stargears") are widely used for different applications to remove fine material, dust and earth. In fields such as construction, renovation and demolition (CRD), earth is removed to be reused as a non-structuring material or as cover material for landfills. When treating organic matter, only the organic matter - sand/earth and small pieces of glass - will be removed. As for selective collection (blue bin or "single stream"), only small pieces of fibre and plastic will be removed.

Our star-shaped screens have three main components or groups of components: the chassis, the drive wheels and the screening section.

The chassis is obviously heavy duty and made of laser-cut steel plates to obtain a superior degree of assembly precision. Once assembled, the various parts ensure a sturdy and rigid chassis.

The screening section is made of several shafts on which are assembled star-shaped


screens (where the name "Stargear" comes from). The stars are made of a rubber composite with a hardness selected for the correct type of application and environment in which they will be used. The final assembly of shafts and stars will ensure quick and efficient changing and/or maintenance.

Lastly, the traction system will be operated by pulleys and timing belts to ensure synchronization and ease of maintenance for the different drive components.

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