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June 2nd 2010

At the Phénix de l'Environnement awards ceremony in Quebec City yesterday, in the National Assembly's Red Chamber, 13 winners - including Sherbrooke OEM Ltd. - were named by an independent jury for Quebec's highest environmental distinction, a Phoenix. The winner and finalist names were announced by Line Beauchamp, Quebec Minister of Sustainable Development, the Environment, and Parks; by the major sponsor's representative Stella Leney, Principal Director of Corporate Affairs and the Environment at Hydro-Quebec; and by representatives of principal sponsors.

Sherbrooke OEM was recognized for its technological development in the optical sorting of wood in dry construction and demolition waste. When Récupération JM Langlois contacted Sherbrooke OEM in 2005, the concept of an optical sorting unit to remove wood from dry construction, renovation, and demolition waste was still in its infancy. Confirmation of the customer's need as well as market trends was all it took to motivate research and development toward the completion of the first optical sorting unit for this type of market.


Now operating, the unit can sort wood from waste of less than 25 cm at a pace that eight to 10 people would have trouble following.

Established in 1998, the Phénix de l'Environnment awards are the most prestigious in the environmental field in Quebec. They are the result of a public-private partnership that includes the Quebec Ministry of Sustainable Development, the Environment, and Parks; the Quebec Ministry of Economic Development, Innovation, and Exports; Recyc-Québec; and the Fondation québécoise en environnement.